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Many CEOs and founders are often faced with the dilemma of hiring an in-house design resource or outsourcing to an agency for their product design needs. However, there is another option that is often overlooked and has multiple benefits - hiring a freelance design consultant early in the product development process.

Cost-Effective Approach

Hiring a full-time in-house designer requires offering a competitive salary and benefits package, including healthcare, bonuses, vacation time, and more. Additionally, investing in their work station set-up, training, and equipment may be needed. These extra costs may not be affordable for a new or small business, which could delay the hiring of an in-house designer for a later stage. A freelance design consultant works on a project-by-project basis, charging either an hourly or a negotiated fee for the project. An independent designer can mesh with the company culture easier without having to adapt to a corporate culture. Therefore, hiring a freelance design consultant is often a more cost-effective and viable option early on.

Expertise & Flexibility

An independent freelance design consultant is likely to have years of diverse experience across many industries and projects. They can provide insights on what works and what doesn't, share best practices, and suggest improvements. They can contribute their experience to the product development cycle, which prevents the errors that can occur with an inexperienced designer. Freelancers are more flexible in their work schedule too, which is excellent for startups that have a tight deadline. They can quickly adapt to new projects and dedicate a significant chunk of their time accordingly.

Speed & Consistency

Freelancers use the best tools available to them to complete projects quickly. They can provide a reliable timeline on when your project can expect to be completed while providing consistency in design quality. A freelance designer has set deliverables days before your project starts, ensuring all work has been done accurately and is promptly delivered.


A freelance design consultant uses unbiased critical thinking when working on your project, challenging what works, and advocating for best results. They ensure that design decisions are objective and with direct intent of being aesthetically pleasing and user friendly. Freelancers are often focused on and dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction because their reputation and future projects depend on it.

A Fresh Perspective

An independent freelance design consultant brings a unique approach and viewpoint with them. Outsourcing your product design lends the benefits of having a fresh set of eyes on your project when you need it. A freelance designer brings diverse insights from other work, affording new ideas you may have overlooked initially. They provide a more extensive range of design applications than an in-house team may have the ability to, due to limited resources and bandwidth.